Elite Drilling

Elite Drilling provides premium surface core drilling and consulting services to the mineral exploration industry. Our efficiencies and experience allow us to offer attractive pricing which is often lower than that of the competition. Safety and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. With over 20 years experience in directional drilling and Athabasca Basin drilling, we can offer clients a wide range of versatility (including easy conversion of heli portable rigs to unitized rigs) in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada and globally. Elite Drilling is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Services Provided

Diamond Core Drilling
We use modern drill rigs that are lightweight and highly mobile, easily converted from skid to fly with minimal downtime. Along with necessary equipment to complete your surface exploration job, Elite Drilling crews are highly experienced in all different aspects of core drilling.

Directional Core Drilling
It is known that drill holes will deviate from their target to some extent. At Elite Drilling, we have experience with many different forms of directional control including steerable core barrels, mud motors and wedging.It is also a cost efficient way for clients to hit many targets without losing the cost and time of moving the drill and drilling rock unnecessarily.

When your directional or mud drilling job becomes tough or a second opinion is needed, Elite Drilling can be engaged in a consulting role to share its extensive knowledge, experience and advice. Data and opinions are communicated directly to the client as soon as data is compiled.